Snuggle Up & Get Cosy

Snuggle Up & Get Cosy

The days may be getting longer but they are certainly getting colder!

Even though many of us are working from home ….. from your bed, sofa or desk, we want to be as cosy as we can.

Just before Christmas we had some beautiful velvet throws and cushions arrive in stock. The deep earthy colours are shockingly gorgeous and will add luxury and cosiness to your interiors. I did sneak the Bronze and Eucalyptus ones for myself.

Kimonos …. We are slowly finding new items to share with you and next week we will have some stunning new kimonos arriving, just in time for you to float around your home and get in the kimono mood :)

Keep a close eye on the website as many are one offs.


That word is going to be with us for some time until the world gradually gets back to normal - although I’m not sure what ’normal’ is right now.

As manufacturing continues all over the world, many shippers in Asian countries have put a premium price on containers. These costs are so huge for both small and large businesses. The reason for these eye watering charges has been the lack of containers available during these challenging times. Hopefully these circumstances will begin to ease and the costs will eventually come down ….. we pray sooner rather than later. We were extremely lucky to receive our one and only container of 2020 in December, something we hope will not be repeated in 2021.

This has affected the supply chain all over the world and together with Brexit we will be experiencing delays in receiving all our lovely new stock and we hope you will bear with us during this process.

19 January 2021
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