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Lighting and Artwork with the WOW factor

Hi, this is Karen and my apologies to everyone who has been waiting to see our new upgraded website. Well, we are finally here with lots of stunning new pieces and news.

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who has supported this small business through the most nerve racking time, our appreciation goes out to our customers and also suppliers. As we source from all the world our suppliers are struggling to keep production flowing due to lockdowns and daily changes. Over time these problems pass on down through the chain and items may take much longer to deliver than normal.

WE'RE NOT MOVING ... I did purchase a shop to move into just before lockdown and because of lockdown it was impossible to purchase the materials to get it ready. The shop hadn't been updated for some 40 years so there was lots of work to do!. SO……. I decided to keep Doris in it’s current location in Union Lane which has been the best decision. During the past few weeks the builders have been busy working in the new premises laying a cobbled stone floor, knocking through to the original fireplace and exposing a couple of gorgeous red brick walls. To be honest I would like to move in (just me). It's not quite finished but I have been enjoying doing some photographic images for our new website which you can see in the main blog image.

What we will do with the new premises is still undecided so WATCH THIS SPACE.

ART WORK - (featured above)

Katie is a young lady whom I have known since she was born. She came into this world with a pencil in her hand. Gone are the days when she would sketch cute hamsters and fairies as a young girl. Katie now spends her days concentrating on painting techniques, nudes and there are also some quite risqué drawings. @hellish.h. Katie is not one to put herself out there to sell her work, but with the help of her Mum I was able to persuade her to sell me 3 pieces. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM and will be placing them in my bedroom once that's also has been painted!

The frames are from Picture Frame Express @pictureframeexpress. I thought the dark wood and gold would suit the work perfectly. I have never been one for Gold but the art work has influenced me to change my style.


This now leads me onto Rock The Kasbah who are a fabulous interior design company headed by French Designer Philippe Xerri. We have just received some new pieces including the Gold Leaf Floor Lamp with Black Shade, it's an amazing piece hence photographing it with the art in front of the red brick wall. We have stock of the shades, floor lamps and there are more new designs on the way.

28 October 2020
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